Letter from the President


It is my honor to represent the Columbia Club of South Florida, along with the other board members.

Our main goal is to foster a stronger community among the over 3,000 and growing alumni in the Miami metropolitan area, which includes Broward, Miami-Dade, Monroe Counties. Our events attempt to cater to the different interests of our club. These interests are mainly in the cultural, social, and professional development areas.  With the dramatic growth of the South Florida region it is my objective to maintain the integrity and success of the group, continue and grow the dynamic alumni base in parallel with the flourishing South Florida Alumni base, and to work in tandem with the bright and ambitious leaders and volunteers of the Columbia Club of South Florida.

Through the continued success with our club’s Advisory Committee. Our long-standing board volunteers will be able to continue to help with their experience, institutional history and local connections. We also will continue to foster our expanding younger alumni with the Recent Alumni Committee, which organizes fun, progressive and distinctive social events for recent graduates.

We are developing the “Welcome to Miami” program. If you would like to help other Alumni that have recently arrived to Miami, please let us know. The professional development dimension of the program will guide newcomers to other alumni in their professional fields to explore local opportunities.

The club needs you to grow. Our community is enriched by your many interesting backgrounds, accomplishments and contributions. Login as a member to our website and help continue to build our community. We encourage you to seek us out if you are interested in volunteering, or have an idea or an event you would like to host. 

So please join us!

Jordan Trachtenberg GSAPP '08

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