October 27, 2015

Images: Our Adventure in Wonderland

Our thanks to STEPHANIE ANSIN (MFA 2001, Artistic Director) and ELAIZA IRIZARRY (Executive Director)  for  a great Sunday afternoon at the Miami Theater Center . Columbia & Barnard alumni, friends & family took in a matinee performance of "Alice's Adventures in Wonderland" in the 330-seat Main Stage. Then after the show we occupied the Sandbox Space next door for a private tea-party and schmooze-fest. 

As expected, this MTC production featured some pretty wild variations on  the traditional story. Adults in the audience were entranced by characters  including  a shape-shifting video-enhanced Cheshire Cat, a raunchy sax-playing White Rabbit, and an OM-chanting Caterpillar.



Youngsters got involved too, with alarmed gasps and shouts of "Don't do it!" whenever Alice was about to tipple a mysterious potion. Kids are so smart nowadays. 

For refreshments, we  let the professionals take charge. 

small_tea.JPGDaniel Benoudiz, the owner of Small Tea in Coral Gables, brought  his signature High Tea all the way up to Miami Shores: clotted cream, scones,  cucumber sandwiches, sweets, two big tanks of tea, and those all-important multi-tiered serving plates.  Finger sandwiches on the bottom, then scones, then sweets on the top.   

Who was there? Graduates of Barnard, School of International and Public Affairs, Columbia College, School of Social Work, School of the Arts, Physicians and Surgeons, Law, Graduate School of Arts and Sciences, the Business School, plus a couple of Yalies wandered in. Also some very cute & bright future alumni.

What are they doing now? Well, it is not necessarily related to what they studied at Columbia. Apparently a good education is a solid foundation for whatever may come: Real Estate, Show Biz, Finance, Consulting.  Physicians, Attorneys, Journalists, Educators, Competitive Swimmers, and a Rabbi were there. Also a painter whose art hangs in museums around the world, and an oceanographer who has travelled miles beneath the sea (in a submersible, of course).   

How can YOU meet up with such amazing folks? Consult the Columbia Club of South Florida Calendar to get in on the next event!


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